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Law enforcement, first responders, Brevard County Employees and Military personnel pay only $45 mo. for any of our adult programs


Improve Your Child's Confidence   
At Kenwayoshin Ryu  Martial Arts, we work with children to increase their self-esteem and athleticism while encouraging the development of life skills. Your child will get better grades and perform better in school and in life when you sign them up for one of our classes today!

Tiny Tigers
Our Tiny Tigers program is $50 a month and is designed for children   3 - 6 years old. Your child will learn the fundamentals of the martial arts with an emphasis on focus, respect, balance, and control.
Our Tigers meet twice a week! This is an excellent chance for your child to make new and lasting friends.

At Kenwayoshin Ryu Martial Arts, you'll get both excellent martial arts training for all ages and a positive mental attitude. We believe in helping you set goals, improve your self-discipline, and your overall fitness.

Lil Ninjas 
Our Ninjas program is $55 a month and is designed for children ages   7-9. We separate the classes based on individual skill levels, so your child will have the most optimum learning experience.
Your child will be learning both martial arts and life skills, as well as making friends! This class meets twice a week.

Lil Dragons
Our Dragon program is $55 a month and is designed for children ages 10-12. We separate the classes based on individual skill levels, so your child will have the most optimum learning experience.
Your child will be learning both martial arts and life skills, as well as making friends! This class meets twice a week.

Stop The Bulling
Bulling is a major concern in today society with kids of all ages, we have a nationally recognized "Stop The Bulling" program designed to guide your kids through the cow pasture without stepping in the samples left behind. Although we do not encourage our student to engage in physical conflicts, they will be the one to walk away when they meet that Bully in that pasture.

Personal and Customized           
Training Programs

Whether you're a novice or have been practicing martial arts for years, our instructors will pay attention to your needs and goals and help develop a program that's suitable for you. We do this for both child and adult programs!   Give us a call today to learn more.

25% discount on training for law  enforcement officers and first responders
Discounts for Brevard County employees           
1 FREE week of adult lessons

Exciting Adult Workouts
It can be a challenge to motivate yourself to work out. Come to Kenwayoshin Ryu Martial Arts for a fun, new way to work out, and get a 1 week FREE trial of our adult classes!

Improve Your Life
Learn self-defense, improve your fitness, and reduce stress when you join our adult martial arts classes. You'll find yourself controlling your weight and improving your flexibility in a safe and supportive environment.
No matter what your skill level is, we have classes for everyone, and competitive teams are available to join!

Traditional Okinawa Kenpo Karate
Traditional Okinawa Kenpo Karate is one of the most systematic martial arts that help in mastering more than just physical fighting skills. Learn the ways of enhancing your spirit and life.
Learn how to train your body and mind by practicing Okinawa Kenpo Karate. Call and speak with our friendly staff right away if you have any queries!

Physical Fitness Classes
Keeping your body fit is one of the best ways to lead an energetic lifestyle. Regular exercise not only helps you maintain a good physical appearance, but also help in building your immunity.
Physical training and regular exercise has proven to improve one's metal state and emotional balance

Aiki Goshin Sen Jutsu Classes
Our Aiki Goshin Sen Jutsu classes focus on developing solid fundamentals in fighting and self-defense techniques that could save your life, while making you feel welcomed and accepted.
Our classes are designed to work with your level of skill, no matter what it might be, so don't hesitate to join.

About Jiu-Jitsu
Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport, and self-defense system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. It is great for getting in shape, while learning real world self-defense techniques.
KISS - Keeping It Simple & Safe   
Kiss is our Women Self Defense Class, a program designed for women only by a retired law enforcement commander and life long martial artist. Covering situations that a woman would experience in todays modern genre.  All techniques are covered from unique martial arts and law enforcement perspectives to ensure that you go home safe and uninjured.  

Kobudo (Weapons)
At the Kenwayoshin Ryu Dojo we teach the use of authentic Okinawan weapons as taught by Grandmaster Seikichi Odo. We are also members of the Okinawa Budo Kenkyukai and serve as the Okibukai for the state of Florida.

Iaido (Sword Training)
The Kenwayoshin Ryu Dojo teaches the art of the Samurai, Iaido the use of the sword. You will love the mental and physical requirements of the training that you will find totally rewarding as you progress to your goal of samurai Status.

We are also members of:
  • American Martial Arts Renmei - AMAR
  • World Kenwayoshin Ryu Bujutsu - WKRB
  • Martial Arts USA - MAUSA
  • International Combative Arts Renmei - ICAR
  • International Karate Kobudo Federation -IKKF
  • International Martial Arts Federation - IMAF / Tokyo, Japan
  • Okinawa Kenpo Karate Renmei of America - OKKRA 
  • Okinawa Budo Kenkyukai - OKIBUKAI (We Serve as the Florida Hombu)  

Whether you're new to the martial arts or want to join a competitive team, give us a call today at 321-302-9560.

Visit us for a tour and to sign up for our ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL!


Military Personnel, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, Brevard County Employees: 10%2 Siblings: 5% (same as 10% off 2 child)  3+ Siblings: 10% (same as 10% off 2 child plus 20% off 3 child)  Special parent price to take class with your child. Ask us for details.
 ***Discounts cannot be combined*** 

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